Grant Street Pier Restaurants

Grant Street Pier Restaurants, comprised of The Jean (Blocks 9) and The Don (Block 12), feature two flagship restaurant buildings in the heart of the action at The Waterfront. The centerpiece for these vibrant restaurant buildings is an expansive cable-stayed pier. This work of art spans out 90-feet over the mighty Columbia River and serves as a focal point for the entire 20 block development. Situated amidst the Columbia River Renaissance Trail, the iconic art piece, designed by nationally recognized public artist Larry Kirkland, is a gathering place for all who visit The Waterfront. Flanking the Grant Street Pier, the Grant Street Pier Restaurants are situated at the water’s edge with front row seats to The Waterfront park, offering incredible views — all designed to give patrons a memorable dining experience. Open-air patios and a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere creates a dynamic energy, making it a popular spot for families, date night or your next memorable night out with friends. Grant Street Pier Restaurants showcase a variety of restaurants that keep pace with culinary inspirations that the region is famous for. Whether you’re seated inside or out you’ll enjoy breathtaking river views with stunning Mount Hood in the background.

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